1 min walk from JR Sapporo Station

SAN FRIENDS is located in near JR SAPPORO Sta North gate.

1 on 1 Japanese Lessons by native Japanese

You can take 1 on 1 or small group Japanese lessons.

International Futsal Events

Need Football? We hold Futsal in Sapporo on going basis.

You can take 1 on 1 Japanese language lessons at SAN FRIENDS.

If you are interested in learning Japanese, please contact us anytime.

Trial lesson is available!

Teacher – せんせいしょうかい

Atsuta Natsumi – なつみせんせい


Message - メッセージ
You might feel that studying Japanese is difficult.
But you will realize that it’s very interesting language sooner.
Japanese has a lot of charms that you can not find with any other languages.
Why don’t you enjoy Japanese lessons with me!


Lesson contents

You can request your preferable lesson contents flexibly.

  • Conversation
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Kanji etc

Lesson types and schedule

Since this is 1 on 1 lesson, you can arrange your own schedule.

Day Monday to Sunday
Time 9:00 – 21:00
Lesson Time 1 lesson / 50 mins


Lesson types are

  • 1 on 1
  • Group(2 to 4 students)

Lesson fee

Basic Monthly Fee : 3,000 yen
Lesson types Lesson fee per a lesson
1 on 1 2,500 yen
2 students 2,000 yen
3 students 1,500 yen
4 students 1,000 yen


ex) if you take 2 lessons per month

3,000 yen + 2,500 yen x 2 = 8,000 yen


North 7 West 5 6-1, North ward , Sapporo city,
Stoke Sapporo 706
*1 min walk from Sapporo Station


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