IELTS prep in Sapporo (ENG ver)

Achieve your goal at SAN FRIENDS!

SAN FRIENDS is an exam-oriented English school in Sapporo. We have supported more than 1,000 students who try to get certain test scores ever since our foundation. Although most of our students are Japanese, we also have students from other countries such as China, South Korea, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and etc.

Not fluent in Japanese? No worries! Our lessons are conducted in English. Our teachers and staff have a great deal of knowledge of IELTS. If you need to get a certain IELTS overall score, please contact us and take a 30-minute trial lesson!

Available lesson hours:Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00
Lesson style: 1 to 1 (at school/online)
Duration of a lesson:50 minutes (Trial lesson: 30 minutes)
Schedule:Fixed schedule or flexible schedule

Our IELTS courses

A) IELTS Comprehensive Preparation Course

  • An all-round preparation course that teaches both the skills required for IELTS and general English skills.
  • Analyzes past IELTS exams and uses the most frequently asked questions as the basis for thorough preparation in all four skills.
  • You can develop comprehensive English skills through cross-training in order to achieve the target score.
  • Develop test-specific answering skills and logical thinking skills required for IELTS

B) Short-term IELTS course (You can select specific subjects you want to learn)

  • A course in which you concentrate on the skills of your choice from the four skills of L/R/S/W and learn the know-how of those skills in a systematic way.
  • Detailed explanations of each task based on information provided by the IELTS official website
  • Characteristics of all question patterns that candidates may face in each task and section and the necessary skills to solve them
  • Practice questions and explanations based on actual past papers to help you achieve the best possible score on the IELTS exam

Tuition fee and Payment method

10-time lesson ticket (50-minute lesson x 10 times) : ¥55,000
Monthly fee: ¥0
Annual membership fee: ¥0
Enrollment fee: ¥22,000 → 50%OFF coupon is applicable!
Material fee: FREE (+ a bunch of FREE PDF self-study materials for IELTS)

Our teachers

Our well-experienced teachers and staff have a great deal of knowledge of IELTS. Some of us have taken the test and got overall 7.5 or above. Some of our teachers teach academic English at universities in Hokkaido as well. Therefore, we are thrilled to help you achieve your goals here at San Friends!


One minute walk from JR Sapporo Station

North7Jo West 5Chome 6-1 Stoke SAPPORO 7F 706, Sapporo City

Please make an appointment before you visit us.

Why don't you take our 30-minute trial lesson?

SAN FRIENDS provides you with a 30-minute trial lesson so that you can imagine how you can improve your English to achieve your goals. It's FREE!! Contact us now!!!